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There are several ways to support Warpstock Europe. We welcome each and everyone to help make this event a success. You can do the following:

  • Become a speaker and share your experience. Teach, inform and also inspire fellow users at Warpstock Europe.
  • Become a sponsor and donate funds to help cover the expenses for the event site, or provide a service vital to the event.
  • Become a supporter and place a Warpstock Europe logo or the banner on your own web site and link to us, thus making others aware of the event.
  • Become a helping hand and provide help on the spot while the event is running. This includes network setup and maintenance, and showing speakers how to operate the equipment, for instance.
  • Become a benefactor and donate to the team. Your donation will help us pay the web hosting cost and ensure further development.

If you are interested in supporting Warpstock Europe in one of these ways, please refer to the according pages mentioned above or contact our Support Manager.