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The wish lists for previous events have been very helpful in creating interesting agendas. Which topics would like to see dealt with in presentations and workshops at Warpstock Europe 2008? Don't hesitate to make your suggestion and comment on existing ones!

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[Edit]Your suggestion for Warpstock Europe 2008

  • Ich suche schon seit längerem nach einem Weg, OS/2 in einem reinen Software Emulator (BOCHS oder QEMU) auf einem PC ohne 386+ CPU ans laufen zu bekommen. Es sollte VESA-VGA, Sound und Network-to-Host-OS funktionieren. Vielleicht gibt es jemanden der einen Weg kennt, dies zu erreichen?
  • I have a PDA, a Smartphone, and a bunch of applications (PMMail, StarOffice, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Personal Cards Manager, add your app here) that can make use of a contact list, email contacts, event lists, calendar events/rendez-vous... how could I centerize and synchronize all this on my OS/2-eCS machine that is connected to the world via Internet 24/7? (LDAP server, import/export LDIF/VCF/VCS files, event/contact synchronization, ...)
  • MobileSync-Topic: I'll resume my work on my alternative FinchSync client in July (Client app for the Java FinchSync Server application), so I might have something useful for WSEU2008. Main focus is PalmOS (I've got a Treo650) but the application I'm working on does also run on Symbian and Windows Mobile/PPC. Beside FinchSync (which is not Open Source) there are two other possibilities available (I think one of them could be Open Source) which allow to sync contacts and appointments with Mozilla Thunderbird (Contacts) and Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning (Appointments/Tasks). Official FinchSync website: My alternative Client (work-in-progress - Click the flag at the top right to change between german and english):
  • I have one thing that I'd like to see some discussion about: documentation. Users lack documentation for packages, installation issues, operating system, and the like. This should be a compelling issue for anyone of us who is developing something.
  • Creating video DVDs on eCS with Paul Smedley's port of QDVDAuthor and other assorted tools, including own menus and other more elaborated features.
  • I'd like to learn something about CUPS and its current OS/2 implementation. I had to have my old printer repaired several times because new printers are mostly not supported by OS/2, eCS.
  • There should be on this WSE on Saterday the 15th e.g., the only day I will attend WSE-2008 I think, an open discussion with those who are responsible for the never ending story of eCS 2.0 GA. A lot of very important people are leaving the eCS scene because of the lack of information and the feeling that there is happening nothing. I myself spent several years of free time, which I have a lot because I am retired, in translating and testing the EN_US and NL_NL versions. The main probem in the whole eCS2.0 story is, in mine oppinion, the absense of a good qualified project management team who has the lead and is able to say Yes or No to a lot things that are brought in, etc. People to be invited: Menzo de Jong of Mensys, Bob St.John of Serenty Systems Inc., Joachim Benjamins and Roderick Klein both of Mensys, Stevin Levine and all who are working in there spare time for and on eCS. (Jacques van Leeuwen, Member Dutch eComStation Test and Translation Group (29-09-2008))

See the previous wish list for Warpstock Europe 2007.

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