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Last update: 04/15/2008 16:59

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David Saville (United Kingdom)

David Saville

Dave has been messing with computers for many more years than he cares to think about. Started, as it seems many OS/2 users did, with IBM Mainframes, having been MVS Systems programmer for years, it was MVS where he got his first exposure to REXX. He "speaks" Fortran, BAL (IBM Assembler), REXX, C, Perl & various Unix shell scripts and has a nodding acquaintance with several more languages. He's been involved with user groups since MVS days and has used OS/2 since 1993. Today all his Intel systems run eCS. He has been on the UK OS/2 group committee for some years and presented at several of their meetings.

His main offering is ClipView together with several PMMail-related REXX scripts, while his most recent projects are the involvement with the VOICE PMMail developers team and an attempt to update YAOS.