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ALL01 eComStation on Netbooks

Thursday 15:15 Heinrich Heine
Friday 11:00 Heinrich Heine

After a short review about the history, a market overview regarding this class of computer, the used hardware, and available accessories is given. This is followed by a short introduction to installing eComStation on it, with special attention payed to the problems that arise out of this. Afterwards, the suitability for daily use with eComstation is discussed, as well as features that are...

ALL02 - Setting the Stage for Events

Thursday 11:00 Jan Wellem
Friday 14:15 Jan Wellem

For years, the organizers of Warpstock Europe events each had to start from scratch. There was nothing to help them with organizational tasks, coordination, and building and maintaining the event web site.After Warpstock Europe 2006, an Internet-based platform was created to address those problems, and it was first used for Warpstock Europe 2007. Warpstock Europe 2008 is the second event to...

ALL03 Quo vadis Warpstock Europe? - Motion and stillness

Friday 17:30 Heinrich Heine

In the past the organisation of Warpstock Europe had often been a last-minute effort, the result was that the experience for both the event team and visitors was suboptimal. As a remedy, two steps were taken in 2007: The creation of the infrastructure and an open discussion at Warpstock Europe, which brought important ideas for and lead to the foundation of the...

ALL04 Virtual memory problems under OS/2 and eComStation

Thursday 12:00 Heinrich Heine
Friday 12:00 Jan Wellem

While OS/2 once was designed to make most out of the memory available in earlier days, it was never designed for the amount of physical memory available in systems of today. Current applications like Mozilla and, which consume lots of memory, put a challenge to the operating system, but not because of lack of physical RAM, but because of lack of 32 bits virtual address space. ...

ALL05 Voyager: Beyond the browser

Friday 15:15 Heinrich Heine
Saturday 14:15 Heinrich Heine
No presentation handouts available yet

Over the course of the last twelve months the Voyager Project has developed into a visionary concept of accessing your digital workspace with different electronic devices. With it, the limits usually set by the web browser approach are overcome as well. We will show you the latest ideas behind Voyager, explain how you can use it in the beginning, and what it could become in the future.

ALL06 Evolutionary Sprint 2008/11

Friday 10:00 Wilhelm von Schadow
Saturday 12:00 Wilhelm von Schadow

This session discusses the perspectives of eComStation until 2010. The so-called Evolutionary Sprint is a plan for an evolutionary eComStation development approach. We are going sum up the results of 2008, remembering what is new in eComStation. The main goal is to check the current road-map together with users and discuss the targets and roles of all community members.

ALL07 Voyager: We Tell you What you Already Would Know

Friday 16:30 Heinrich Heine
Saturday 15:15 Heinrich Heine
No presentation handouts available yet

This session demoes a testcase of the Voyager project, visualizing the direction of where the project currently aims at. It shows how Voyager could make use of meta information, being pulled or calculated automatically out of searched information, and how that dramatically changes the way a user would handle information being presented to him/her. Full text search was yesterday, search based...

ALL08 eComStation 2.0 and Beyond

Thursday 14:15 Heinrich Heine
Saturday 10:00 Heinrich Heine

The Mensys team presents the current status and future development of eComStation.

ALL09 VirtualBox OSE with OS/2 as host system

Thursday 16:30 Jan Wellem
Friday 14:15 Heinrich Heine

With modern open source virtualization solutions like Innotek's/Sun's VirtualBox OSE for OS/2 you can use a lot of applications in your OS/2 environment without the need to install another operating system. The presentation explains the differences between different solutions of emulation/virtualization environments and shows the characteristics of the OS/2 port of VirtualBox. Finally, some...

APP01 Searching your system with SearchPlus

Friday 16:30 Jan Wellem
Saturday 10:00 Jan Wellem

SearchPlus is a powerful multilingual PM program, searching multiple drives simultaneously and multiple file types in one pass.  Beside a filter for file names, other filters are provided such as for source type, file attributes, file size, file date and times, and text strings. Not only are regular files searched for, but files within a ZIP archive can be searched as well. Search results...

APP02 Update to the EPM Distribution

Saturday 12:00 Jan Wellem
Thursday 14:15 Jan Wellem

Started in 2001, the Netlabs EPM Distribution (NEPMD) project has established a new level of usability for the EPM editor coming with OS/2 and eComStation. Having been shown already at two Wapstock Europe events since then, NEPMD has gained stability and comes again with enhancements and new usability features. This session puts a spot on the upcoming official release of that...

APP03 MPEG2 to MPEG4 video conversion under OS/2 and eComStation

Thursday 11:00 Heinrich Heine
Friday 10:00 Heinrich Heine

Under OS/2 and eComStation we can save television or download complete DVDs from the internet. Converting MPEG2 files to high quality MPEG4 contained in AVI-files can compress them up to 25% without losing much quality. Their reduced bandwith (1 Mbps) enables them to be streamed via wireless networks. This presentation explains how to use ffmpeg and mencoder to convert MPEG2 and DVD files...

APP04 Update on PMMail

Friday 11:00 Wilhelm von Schadow
Saturday 14:15 Wilhelm von Schadow

This session gives a general update on the status of the PMMail project. Moreover, it will be demoed how spell check for other European languages can be implemented.

APP05 NeoWPS Desktop

Thursday 16:30 Wilhelm von Schadow
Saturday 11:00 Wilhelm von Schadow

This session discusses the progress of the eComStation desktop. It includes a review of general WPS extenders, new sub-systems, an overview of system indicators and banner systems, new control elements, and applications embedded in the desktop.

LAN01 Getting started with VoIP

Thursday 16:30 Heinrich Heine
Saturday 11:00 Heinrich Heine

The network protocol Voice over IP is being used for cheap, if not free telephone calls over the Internet. This session will look at how it can be used, what equipment is needed for it, and how it has to be setup. Furthermore, the impact of different country telecommunication regulations on VoIP are discussed and a spot is put on some popular service providers. Please note that this session will...

LAN02 Using Unsupported NICs with GenMac

Thursday 15:15 Jan Wellem
Friday 15:15 Jan Wellem

The current version of GenMac introduces a special mode that makes it possible for experienced users to set the vendor and device ID within the driver and to test if GenMac can work with a new adapter.This session describes in detail how to use this feature, and gives some hints on what to do if it does not work as expected.

DEV01 Software Testing Basics

Thursday 14:15 Wilhelm von Schadow
Friday 12:00 Wilhelm von Schadow

While software testing often appears as an art on itself, it is not black magic: Using the essence of a decade's experience in professional software testing, Thomas will introduce you to the ground-rules and best practices for a successful collaboration. While primarily aimed at everyone who is interested in doing software tests for OS/2 and eComStation products, also developers are more than...

DEV02 Digital I/O with eComStation via the USB Interface Box meM-PIO

Saturday 10:00 Wilhelm von Schadow
Friday 15:15 Wilhelm von Schadow

If eComStation needs to control devices that can do basic digital I/O, there isn't a real choice. The " meM-PIO " Interface Box (by BMCM GmbH Munich) can make it possible to access 24 digital TTL I/O lines via USB. This presentation shows how to use Wim Brul's device driver and how to put USB dataframes together with REXX, in order to use " meM-PIO " successfully.

DEV03 Developer Connection

Thursday 15:15 Wilhelm von Schadow
Friday 14:15 Wilhelm von Schadow

The development of new drivers and applications for eComStation is labour-intensive. We are going to publish guidelines regarding how to start the development of new programs and to improve existing applications. This includes an overview of new libraries and control elements.

INT01 OpenStreetMap - Free World Map For Free Citizens

Friday 10:00 Jan Wellem
Saturday 14:15 Jan Wellem

Most of the maps in the world are restricted in using, copying or publishing, and they mostly are owned by organisations (e.g. Google/Yahoo/Microsoft) or by governments. As such organisations were and are inflexible in publishing their maps for non-commercial scopes on web, flyers or posters, OpenStreetMap (OSM) was started in 2004 by Steve Coast in the UK. OpenStreetMap (OSM) claims to support...

INT02 Google: The Oracle & the Beast

Friday 12:00 Heinrich Heine
Saturday 12:00 Heinrich Heine
No presentation handouts available yet

A summary of the information given in the presentation is available at the blog. In this session we will have a look at some advanced search operators of Google to do more specific searches in the web and we will learn what kind of different search content Google provides. Beside this we will have a look at what Google knows about us and how we can protect us from providing too much...

INT03 - Rebirth of a News Agency for OS/2 and eComStation

Thursday 12:00 Jan Wellem
Saturday 11:00 Jan Wellem

In 2006, was founded as a news agency similar to Reuters to overcome loss of news information related to OS/2 and eComStation due to, e.g., island communities and language barriers. Web sites were to be centrally provided with news and would pass on information to the agency in return. Since then the project has experienced success but also suffered strong setbacks, the...