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INT01 OpenStreetMap - Free World Map For Free Citizens

Friday 10:00 Jan Wellem
Saturday 14:15 Jan Wellem

Most of the maps in the world are restricted in using, copying or publishing, and they mostly are owned by organisations (e.g. Google/Yahoo/Microsoft) or by governments. As such organisations were and are inflexible in publishing their maps for non-commercial scopes on web, flyers or posters, OpenStreetMap (OSM) was started in 2004 by Steve Coast in the UK.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) claims to support citizens with a free selfmade world map, protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 2.0 (CC-BY-SA 2.0). To contribute to this Wikipedia-like world map, you can upload to your traces made with GPS devices along roads, ways, bike paths, rivers, or bridle paths. The data base itself can be rendered to build different maps for your own special need. Because the API of OpenStreetMap is well documented, completely new functions can be implemented by anybody. One of the outstandig projects already basing on OSM data is OpenRouteServices.

This session shows the feature-rich using of OpenStreetMap and introduces to the editing of map data from the OS/2 or eComStation birds eye view.