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Last update: 04/15/2008 16:58

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APP03 MPEG2 to MPEG4 video conversion under OS/2 and eComStation

Thursday 11:00 Heinrich Heine
Friday 10:00 Heinrich Heine

Under OS/2 and eComStation we can save television or download complete DVDs from the internet. Converting MPEG2 files to high quality MPEG4 contained in AVI-files can compress them up to 25% without losing much quality. Their reduced bandwith (1 Mbps) enables them to be streamed via wireless networks.

This presentation explains how to use ffmpeg and mencoder to convert MPEG2 and DVD files to AVI files that can be used by XVID compatible media players and devices. As an aid to their difficult configuration interactive REXX scripts and easy to modify drag and drop templates are presented.