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Last update: 04/15/2008 16:58

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INT03 - Rebirth of a News Agency for OS/2 and eComStation

Thursday 12:00 Jan Wellem
Saturday 11:00 Jan Wellem

In 2006, was founded as a news agency similar to Reuters to overcome loss of news information related to OS/2 and eComStation due to, e.g., island communities and language barriers. Web sites were to be centrally provided with news and would pass on information to the agency in return.

Since then the project has experienced success but also suffered strong setbacks, the latter especially due to distrust from the side of web site maintainers who were suspicious of censorship and conflict of interest situations.

This session provides an overview of the project, introduces important changes, new features, and partners, and shows the measures taken to allay the concerns. It is targeted at web site maintainers, editors, and translators of news services, but also at developers and users who uses these services.